A wealth management system

SAFE TOOLBOXES® is a four-in-one product that gives you all the tools that you need to manage your wealth as an expert. When you install it, you gain immediate access to all toolboxes.

Each toolbox was designed to provide the best routines available in its field. There is also one extra toolbox dedicated to the general math field that includes innumerous matrix algebra and numerical analysis methods.

To get a brief idea of SAFE TOOLBOXES® powerful features and easiness of use, please watch the following introductory videos:

  • Simulation Toolbox (02:58 min)
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  • Actuarial Toolbox (02:13 min)
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  • Financial Toolbox (02:48 min)
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  • Econometrics Toolbox (03:50 min)
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  • General Toolbox (3:44 min)
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SAFE TOOLBOXES® is an Excel add-in that enhances Excel capabilities to perform simulations, actuarial, financial and econometrics tasks within Microsoft Excel®.

All new features are manipulated in a standard Excel fashion. This means that there is no need to be concerned with learning a new language or having special programming skills. All menus and functions names were carefully chosen to speed up the learning curve.

All toolboxes work together complementing each other. For instance, you can easily use the Simulation Toolbox capabilities to generate random asset prices, simulate random actuarial cash flows or to produce random forecasts using econometric models.

The combination of compiled code and cutting-edge algorithms guarantees that SAFE TOOLBOXES® will be very fast and reliable. The high quality of charts and reports generated and the data manipulations facilities will also prevent you from wasting your time with non-core tasks.

We are a very passionate team of data scientists dedicated to offering you the best tools in the business engineering field. Our mission is to help decision makers understand and solve problems they typically face, helping them make informed financial decisions.

In our view, decisions made with the support of science could increase the welfare of persons and companies, and this is very important to us. With our application you can avoid pitfalls and take advantage of business opportunities.

We don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Microsoft Excel's ability to manipulate data and build reports is unmatched by other existing products on the market and makes it the most popular program for data analysis.

On the other hand, Excel lacks some procedures available in other products. Therefore, our goal is to get the best of both worlds merging the easiness of use of Excel and the advanced analysis routines so far only available in very specialized products.

We are very obsessed with making our product as easy and intuitive to use as possible. The choice of meaningful names for menus and functions, a detailed documentation that includes step-by-step examples, the extensive use of context hints, the usage of drag-and-drop functionalities and tasks performed with fewer clicks as possible are some of the features that increase the usability of our application.

Furthermore, being an Excel-hosted application, we bring computation close to your data, which means that no import or export is required. Keeping the Excel way to perform tasks, we ensure that the learning process will not be significant.

We believe that every customer has to be treated with courtesy and respect. We translate this in our work by putting all our efforts into creating a high-quality product and providing our customers with excellent support.

Our goal is to design software that employs advanced industry and academic data science techniques. We take performance issues seriously, and the quality of our reports is crucial to us.


SAFE TOOLBOXES® was designed by experts to experts. Perform deep and impressive quantitative analysis blending the power of your knowledge and the high quality of our product.

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