Important notes:

  • You can convert the trial version to a lifetime paid license with a valid product key.
  • To enter your key go to MS Excel > SAFE ribbon > SAFE TOOLBOXES > Enter license key.
  • All minor updates are free! So if you buy SAFE TOOLBOXES® 1.x, you can upgrade to any other version 1.x free of charge.
  • Prerequisites: The installer will try to install all prerequisites automatically during installation. If you note any error during execution, please make sure you have at least the SQL Server 2014 Express (LocalDB 64BIT) and the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 properly installed.
  • Please uninstall any prior version of SAFE TOOLBOXES® before installing a new one.

The following files are available for download:

SAFE TOOLBOXES® - Version 1.2

Updated: 4 Jan, 2018. Size: 50.3 MB. 30-day trial.

What's new: New machine learning tools, simulation and optimization modelling, utility functions for complex portfolio selection, new actuarial tables and mortality improvement scales (RP-2014 2006 adjusted, Scale MP-2016, Scale MP-2017) and minor bug fixes.


SAFE TOOLBOXES® - Version 1.1

Updated: 11 Jul, 2016. Size: 49.0 MB. 30-day trial.

What's new: Wix installer, resolution improvement and minor bug fixes.


SAFE TOOLBOXES® - Version 1.0

Updated: 22 Feb, 2016. Size: 9.24 MB. 30-day trial.

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